Tetrahedron Array

Tetrahedron Array


This decagonal crystal array is composed of ten near flawless double tetrahedral crystals 3 inches on a side, a 4 inch optically flawless Madagascan quartz sphere, and a 99% pure copper tetrahedron with a 3” optically flawless quartz sphere inside that is nonlocally connected to an identical copper tetrahedron and crystal sphere placed at the north magnetic pole. 

The array is designed to be continuously active, either when an individual sits in center facing magnetic north holding the 4 inch crystal sphere, or with the copper and crystal sphere tetrahedron positioned in the center aligned to magnetic north. 

Each crystal is one solid form that has the shape of two tetrahedrons face-to-face. Near flawless, Brazilian quartz crystal double tetrahedrons, cut in Idar-Oberstein, with three-inch edges, or 4.9 inches from tip to tip.

To repeat, the Array includes one optically flawless four-inch, Madagascan quartz crystal sphere, cut in Idar-Oberstein, in addition to the three-inch sphere sealed inside the copper tetrahedron.

Research with the crystal array indicated that individuals sitting in it had profound experiences, including a deep global sense of peace.

The Array is near San Francisco and includes shipping and insurance to anyplace in the world. Please contact us before ordering.

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